Donation Pickup FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my tax donation tax deductible?

Yes. All items donated are tax deductible for income tax purposes at their present fair market value.

How can I get a receipt for items I donated?

The driver usually leaves a receipt at or near the front door or garage door.

Why doesn’t the driver write an amount on my receipt?

The Internal Revenue Service places responsibility for the fair market value upon the donor. We are not required or able to provide an estimate of the fair market value of the items donated.

I did not receive a receipt. How do I get one?

Please contact us at 1-888-472-1961

Do I have to be present for a pickup?

No. If you simply leave the donation outside in clear view of the driver by 8:00 AM marked for PAVE we will retrieve it.

Where should I placed donated items?

Place your donated items outside by your garage door or front door.  Sometimes, other arrangements can be made but, you must set them in advance by contacting us.

What time does the truck arrived?

The driver will come between 8:00 AM and dark. The driver plans his/her route for the most efficient allocation of time. It is very difficult to judge the amount of time required to pick up each donation so exact times are not available.

My pickup was missed. What should I do?

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact us and we will reschedule pickup for the next business day.

Where do my donated items go?

The donations are sold in bulk to local second hand and thrift store operators in area. The proceeds are used to fund the operations of the charitable organizations.  PAVE does not own or operate the thrift stores.

Why don’t you accept the broken furniture in disrepair?

We do not have the staff required to repair them and our standards require all items to be in good condition. Disposal of these items divert funds away from the programs we support.

Do you accept large furniture?

Yes! We do accept furniture.

Do you accept exercise equipment?

Yes, we do accept exercise equipment.